Taking responsibility is in our DNA.

Taking responsibility is in our DNA.

Our vision is to take genuine responsibility for our clients’ projects. However, the fragmentation of expertise and the work structures that result from it are an obstacle to this vision. This is why we have set ourselves the task of changing the market from the ground up.

Alexander Knälmann
Alexander Knälmann
Managing Director

After completing a business degree in Hamburg, Alexander Knälmann began working at the International Tax Services division of Ernst & Young in New York in 2001. He founded apoprojekt GmbH in 2003, which was then a provider of project development services for pharmacies. He completed roughly 20 pharmacy projects across Germany between 2003 and 2007.

Since the realignment of apoprojekt in 2007, Alexander Knälmann has been responsible for technical matters in particular. This includes all matters related to project solutions and project management.

Hendrik von Paepcke
Hendrik von Paepcke
Managing Director

After an international career in horse riding and a degree in business studies in Hamburg, Hendrik von Paepcke started working at DeTeImmobilien, a Deutsche Telekom subsidiary, in 2002 as an assistant to its managing director, Dr Gerhard Niesslein. He took on responsibility for personnel and budgets in 2004. In early 2005, he became one of the company’s officers and Head of Marketing & Sales Development.

Hendrik von Paepcke’s work at apoprojekt concentrates mostly on finances, accounting and sales.

Stephan Winn
Stephan Winn
Managing Director

After working at architecture firms in Shanghai, Melbourne and London and as a development project manager at Sirius Facilities and consulting firm Service Point, Stephan Winn took charge of apoprojekt’s Berlin office in 2014. In this position, he had a crucial hand in overseeing the company’s strategic development and product strategy.

Stephan Winn joined the company’s management team in 2020 and looks after corporate development and the office’s development of its expertise in planning, building services and project management.

A nationwide presence
Stefanie Möhring

Architect Stefanie Möhring has been the head of our Hamburg office since 2021. Her focus is on collaborative cooperation within her team and with all project stakeholders. Stefanie Möhring has many years’ experience in revitalising existing buildings, both as a client and as a contractor.

Romeike Stechel

Romeike Stechel has been the head of project management at apoprojekt in Berlin since 2016. She has also headed the office since 2020. What she finds most important is her team and supporting employees. Romeike Stechel has extensive experience with new and old buildings and is a specialist for construction work in existing buildings and structures.

Daniel Bankamp

Daniel Bankamp, architect and real-estate economist (IREBS), has been the head of the Düsseldorf office at apoprojekt since 2013 and values the trusting atmosphere within his team. He is developing apoprojekt’s planning capabilities together with Stephan Winn.

Peter Groß

Construction engineer Peter Gross has been the head of this office since 2013 and, in this time, has expanded his team from 5 colleagues to a strong crew of 70. He sees their personalities as a guarantee of the office’s success. He views himself as an adviser and supporter for them.

Constantin Dumat

Architect Constantin Dumat began as a senior project manager at apoprojekt in Hamburg in 2010. After positions in Helsinki and the Project Solutions department, he was put in charge of establishing the Stuttgart office in 2017. Thanks to his personal style and many years of experience at the company, Constantin Dumat embodies the collaborative approach of apoprojekt in Stuttgart.

Thomas Wagner

Construction engineer Thomas Wagner has been driving the growth of our Munich office since 2011. Together with his team, he fully exercises the business freedoms that apoprojekt provides. He is passionate about his employees’ professional development.

Our vision
Our vision

We seek to take genuine responsibility based on our entrepreneurial convictions.

For the success of our clients’ projects in existing buildings and structures. For tailor-made transformation. For planning certainty and sustainability from the outset.

This attitude reflects our DNA.

Our mission
Our mission

We firmly believe that you can only take genuine responsibility when you offer planning and execution under one roof. That is why we seek to be the expertise leader for design&build projects in existing structures.

Our goal is to change the market for increased cooperation and more direct collaboration.

What sets us apart
What sets us apart

Our attitude, our community, the values we practise and our striving to achieve success for our clients’ projects.

We rely on expertise, technology and methodology to achieve this goal. We believe that nobody will be able to respond to the future’s challenges working by themselves. What is crucial is to identify and combine the right competencies for these demands. It is a matter of understanding clients and their expectations and forming individual project teams.

‘Building teams’ is the key to our success.


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