Entrepreneurship has to be exemplified. This requires courage, dynamism, energy and creativity. As an owner-managed company, we promote these values by trusting in our employees. Each construction project is unique. In order to complete it to the satisfaction of our customers, employees need as much entrepreneurial freedom as possible.

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 Gemeinsam wachsen

We are all united in our goal of becoming the No. 1 provider of tenant-specific interior renovation for Germany's institutional real estate owners. This generates growth and constantly produces new development opportunities in a dynamic business environment.

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Real estate owners and project developers want to keep construction costs for new leases calculable. Since 2007, we have been a kind of "outsourcing partner for construction risk" for our customers. Since then, we have been consistently advancing our performance promise. As a "Design & Build" partner, we are often the point of contact for all technical planning issues during the preparation phase of a lease. Speed is a competitive edge. If a rental agreement is concluded, we participate in the success of our customers.

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The success of our company is based on the trust of our customers. In 2007 we started with four realized projects. We now process around 1,400 projects a year, of which we realize more than 400 in terms of construction. For the year 2019 we expect sales of more than 220 million euros. We want to inspire our customers. In the rare case that this doesn't work out, we are often met with forbearance, because of the passion with which we do our work.

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Employees are the central success factor of any company. We are fortunate to have never ended up with the second best candidate for the job since founding the company. Today, we have roughly 400 highly specialized employees who have plenty of freedom to explore ideas. We were able to convince most of them of our corporate vision. Many of them have been on this exciting journey with us for many years now.

Construction volume
Construction volume
1200 MIO.
Alexander Knälmann
Alexander Knälmann
Managing Director

Alexander Knälmann has been working in the real estate sector for more than 15 years. After studying business administration in Hamburg, Alexander Knälmann joined Ernst & Young's International Tax Services division in New York in 2001. In 2003 he founded APOprojekt GmbH as a service provider for project development for pharmacies. From 2003 to 2007 he implemented approximately 20 pharmacy projects throughout Germany.

Since the realignment of the APO project in 2007, Alexander Knälmann has been responsible for the technical area in particular. This includes all issues related to project solutions and project management.

Hendrik von Paepcke
Hendrik von Paepcke
Managing Director

Hendrik von Paepcke has been working in the real estate sector for almost 15 years. After an international equestrian sports career and completing a degree in business administration in Hamburg, he joined DeTeImmobilien, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom. In 2002 he initially worked as an assistant to the Chairman of the Board, Dr. Gerhard Niesslein, and from 2004 on, he also held responsibilities in personnel and budget management. At the beginning of 2005 he became an authorized signatory and head of Marketing & Sales Development.

At APOprojekt, Hendrik von Paepcke primarily focuses on finance, accounting, and sales.

Stephan Winn
Stephan Winn

Nach Stationen in Architekturbüros in Shanghai, Melbourne und London und als Project Manager Development bei der Sirius Facilities sowie der Beratungsfirma Service Point war Stephan Winn seit 2014 Niederlassungsleiter von APOprojekt in Berlin. In dieser Funktion hat er die strategische Weiterentwicklung und Produktstrategie des Unternehmens maßgeblich begleitet.

Seit 2020 ist Stephan Winn Teil der Geschäftsführung und verantwortet das Corporate Development sowie die fachliche Weiterentwicklung der Niederlassungen in den Bereichen Planung, TGA und Projektmanagement.

Sönke Baake

Stephan Winn, architect, has years of (international) experience on the side of owners and tenants. After 6 years as branch manager in Berlin, Stephan Winn is, alongside Alexander Knälmann and Hendrik v. Paepcke, managing director of APOprojekt and also manages the Hamburg branch (interim). 
Stephan Winn attaches great importance to sustainable partnerships and uses his international customer contacts.

Romeike Stechel

Romeike Stechel has been Head of Project Management at APOprojekt in Berlin since 2016. Since 2020 she is now responsible for the location as branch manager. For her, teamwork and the development of employees is her top priority. Romeike Stechel has extensive experience in the field of new and old buildings and is a specialist in the field of construction in existing buildings.

Daniel Bankamp

Daniel Bankamp, architect and real estate economist (IREBS), has been a branch manager at APOprojekt Düsseldorf since 2013. He appreciates the trust placed in the team. He develops the planning department in collaboration with Stephan Winn.

Peter Groß

Peter Groß, civil engineer, has been working as a branch manager since 2013 and has since then grown his team from five to 70 colleagues. His guarantee for success: the personalities of the employees. He sees himself as their advisor and supporter.

Constantin Dumat

Constantin Dumat, architect, started as senior project manager at APOprojekt in Hamburg in 2010. After holding positions in Helsinki and in the Project Solutions division, he took over the development of the Stuttgart branch in 2017. With his people-oriented manner and many years of experience in the company, Constantin Dumat embodies the partnership-based approach of APOprojekt in Stuttgart.

Thomas Wagner

Thomas Wagner, civil engineer, has been driving the growth of our Munich branch since 2011. With his team, he embodies entrepreneurial freedom at APOprojekt. His pet project is employee training.

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