Willkommen im Team

Willkommen im Team

Wir nehmen uns Zeit! In einem Telefonat können wir Fragen beantworten und auch gleich mehr über apoprojekt und die verschiedenen Tätigkeiten erzählen!

Unternehmerisch als Team erfolgreich
Team-Based Successful

As an owner-managed company, we believe that providing our staff with freedom to act is an essential success factor. This is a testament to our trust and functions as a motivator. Through an extraordinary effort on the part of our team, we have become one of the leading providers of tenant improvement services in Germany. We look forward to continuing our success story with equally motivated and entrepreneurial employees.

Employees: Recruitment & Skills%dot%
Employees: Recruitment & Skills

We have the motivation to achieve. Thanks to our various professional backgrounds, we are able to master the technical challenges of tenant improvement, which are often quite intense, through collaboration. We have the desire and courage to take responsibility for the success of a project. And we enjoy what we do. If you want to work in this way, you are in the right place and welcome to our team!

Vacant Positions


Karriere Entwicklung Chancen
Development Opportunities

Growth creates prospects. Since the company was founded in 2007, we have grown from a two-man company to a staff size of more than 400 employees. Our dynamic nature constantly brings new opportunities for those who are looking for challenges. These range from personal development and professional training to individual career planning.

Trainee mit Zukunft
Trainee mit Zukunft

Dein Studium neigt sich dem Ende zu und du überlegst, wie es danach weitergehen soll? Dann startet jetzt dein Traineeprogramm bei APOprojekt!

In 24 spannenden Monaten lernst du unser Unternehmen im Detail kennen, baust Fachwissen im Bereich Projektmanagement, Planung und Kalkulation auf und bekommst die Chance, deine persönlichen Stärken zu erweitern. Das Programm bietet dir die perfekte Vorbereitung und deiner Karriere bei APO steht nichts mehr im Wege. 

Mehr zu unserem Traineeprogramm findest du in unseren Stellenanzeigen.

Offene Stellen

Experience & Converse

We are happy to make time for you! We look forward to answering your questions over the phone and telling you more about APOprojekt and our various activities.

Helmut L.
Helmut L.

I joined apoprojekt as a project manager two years ago and I thoroughly enjoy my work. I have always been passionate about project development in interior design. After my apprenticeship as a bricklayer, I completed my technical diploma and studied civil engineering. Now I am a certified construction manager. At apoprojekt, I appreciate that I can work independently and also as part of a pleasant team and supervisors.

The special thing about my work is that I get to accompany and coordinate construction projects until the tenant moves in. This has always been an attractive concept to me. My work starts with gutting an object down to the static load-bearing walls. Lots of surprises can be lurking there: from inadequate safety technology to building materials that were simply forgotten. My work is not completed until the tenant's specific wishes have been realized in detail. You never stop learning and can constantly improve yourself. Since I do not have to work within narrow constraints, I have the opportunity to work on my own independence and flexibility. Our supervisors recognize what we do in difficult projects and reward our work accordingly. It was this feeling of security that enabled me to acquire entrepreneurial knowledge. In the rare case that we get stuck as a team, I can always rely on the support and backing of apoprojekt.

Hanno K.
Hanno K.

During my years of self-employment as an architect I was able to get to know many companies. Since April 2015 I have been working for apoprojekt as a project manager. Today I know one thing: I would always choose a permanent position at apoprojekt, because I have full creative freedom and the support of my bosses. There are no constraints that require processes to be executed exactly according to a cookie-cutter scheme. As long as the result works, the steps can be customized. I very much appreciate this potential for development.

I was looking for continuity after my self-employment and I found it at apoprojekt. Here, I can fully focus on structuring and coordinating projects. The open, collegial work environment is a unique selling point of apoprojekt. No one is made a scapegoat for problems and even the managers will support you and say,"We did it." It is exactly this kind of team spirit, ranging from the employees to the management level, that is lacking in many companies.

Lutz R.
Lutz R.

As a graduate civil engineer, I have been working at apoprojekt for eight years now and I have 26 years of professional experience in the fields of calculation and construction management. Calculation means constructing in your head - I develop a complete range of services at a marketable price on the basis of planning documents such as functional building descriptions or bills of quantities. Of course, market knowledge is very important. I have to know which subcontractors exist on the market and which ones are responsible for the respective construction task. They have to be involved in the task during the price calculation phase.

apoprojekt's communication structure is characterized by flat hierarchies and openness towards employees. There are no inhibitions about asking someone for help. apoprojekt stands out because the paths to decision-making are quick, while the decisions are well thought-out. We have to be absolutely prepared in terms of programming. After all, we promise our customers to calculate projects within a short period of time - this is a great challenge and demands a high level of commitment on our part. However, the extremely fast calculations for comprehensible quotations are not only a challenge we set for ourselves, but are also our obvious competitive edge.

Sara M.
Sara M.

Originally I enrolled at the Technical University of Harburg. However, I found the program there to be very theoretical and therefore enquired about the possibility of a dual study program in the field of civil engineering. I found what I was looking for at Hochschule 21 and quickly looked for a suitable company. I immediately decided on apoprojekt, because I wanted to work organizationally and because a harmonious working environment is a priority for the company. apoprojekt carefully selects its employees and pays attention to who fits well into the team. I like the personal atmosphere and the free employee interaction.

Since June 20th, 2016, I have been working in construction management. As early on as my second day at work, I was given responsibility for the construction site by having to hand over a key. This not only familiarized me quickly with the tasks of a site manager, but also taught me how to deal with the challenges on site. These included, for example, how best to deal with clients and craftsmen and how to assert myself on the construction site in order to be taken seriously as a woman. In addition, I have to make fast decisions and find short-term solutions in the event of a delay. Construction management covers a wide range of areas. In addition to pricing and scheduling, I take care of organization. Conscientious working, excellent time management and discipline are important to perform well for the client. These are valuable experiences that I can fall back on after graduating as a civil engineer with a seamless transition into permanent employment at apoprojekt.

Culture Fun Benefits

Our corporate culture is characterized by shared experiences with colleagues and customers. The APO project managers from all branches meet to celebrate with each other at the annual Christmas parties or occasional family summer parties. Once a year we also organize our "sundowner" at each location and celebrate with our customers.


You will receive a receipt confirmation from us within two business days. As soon as we have reviewed your application, but no later than two weeks after receipt, we will give you feedback. Often you will receive a message from us within one week. We will contact you via telephone to schedule an interview or if we have follow-up questions.


It is important that we can clearly identify from your cover letter why you are interested in working for APOprojekt, what your expectations are, and which skills and experience you can contribute. Your resume should briefly describe all relevant stages of your career and explain the tasks you have completed. Furthermore, we expect copies of your most important certificates (diploma, intermediate examination, bachelor's degree, diploma, master's degree, if applicable, the corresponding credential checks), certificates from internships and employer references, and we would like to hear about your salary expectations.


Student workers and interns work in all branches and at our headquarters in Hamburg. We expect motivation, commitment and a possible time commitment of 15-20 hours per week. In return, we provide a great team and the opportunity to gain lots of professional experience!

In addition, we have a total of four dual program students at APOprojekt. All of them chose a dual study program with APOprojekt at Hochschule 21 in Buxtehude and benefit from the close integration of theory and practice. If you are interested in a dual course of study, please contact us directly and/or mail us your documents to personal@apoprojekt.de We also look forward to receiving applications from students in dual study programs who wish to enroll in another university.

To gain a personal impression of the dual study program at APOprojekt, read the Testimonial by Sara M., A Student who is pursuing a dual course of study

Last but not least, working with us during your studies makes for a great foundation for preparing for an advanced position. In this context, you may find the Testimonial by our junior project manager Elina to be of interest, P!



We prefer to offer this opportunity to former interns who are already familiar with our company and have already decided on a topic for their bachelor's or master's thesis during their internship.


Yes. We look forward to it!

Due to our rapid growth, circumstances can change quickly. For this reason, it is advisable to apply even if the right job for you is not advertised at the desired location. To cut a long story short: It has happened that we received the ideal application shortly before the job was posted! Please send unsolicited applications to personal@apoprojekt.de



We may not be able to answer your call immediately. Please send us a brief email with the subject "callback request", as well as your name, your telephone number, and when we should ideally return your call! Please send this email to personal@apoprojekt.de! We will call you back as soon as possible.

In 2019, we received the "TOP JOB" award again, which assessed the working conditions and teamwork at apoprojekt. We are pleased that our employees feel at home with us.

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