Building Future.

Building Future.

‘Businesses and businesspeople should stand out for taking responsibility not only for their employees, but also for society.’
Hendrik von Paepcke, Managing Director

We take responsibility
We take responsibility

apo Building Future represents our fulfilment of social responsibility. For us, it means not only providing funds, but also injecting our skills and passion into projects in order to set things in motion. We wish to ‘build the future’ – literally.

A school in the Peruvian rainforest
A school in the Peruvian rainforest

Our first project involves us expanding a school in the Peruvian rainforest in conjunction with the PATRIZIA Foundation. With this white-label project set up for us especially, apoprojekt is providing all funding and also taking care of the project’s planning and execution. Christian Brüggemann and Vera Fontanella, the project coordinators, travelled out to the site back in November 2019 to develop their own impression of it. The project is planned to be completed by August/September 2020.

Making achievements through partnership
Making achievements through partnership

Every little thing counts when you want to achieve big things, and that applies not only to our commitment in the local region, but also to the donations for this special project of ours. This is because the project is completely dependent on each individual person, whether it is in the form of active support, personal expertise or every euro that is donated. All donations go directly towards ‘our project’ in the rainforest in Peru.

Your help lets us build.

Every donation you make helps us to help out. Support our social projects and give people in economically challenged regions a hope of education and prosperity.

Name and address

PATRIZIA Foundation, Fuggerstraße 26, 86150 Augsburg, Germany

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IBAN: DE59 7208 0001 0160 033300


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Patrizia Foundation
partnership that gives hope

The Patrizia Foundation has been committed to enabling access to education for children and adolescents around the world for over 20 years now. Working together with apoprojekt, the Patrizia Foundation completed the expansion of a school in Peru’s rainforest in 2020.


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